It’s 2019, and high time that everyone gets to wear whatever they want to wear. When it comes to diversity in clothing, the fashion industry has come a long way. However, it gets a lot more difficult when you get into the shoe department. If you have big or wide feet, good luck finding a pair of heels that actually fit you. Luckily, there are a couple of up-and-coming designers that see us big-footed beauties and want to come to our rescue. So here it is: a quick overview of shoe brands that cater to EVERYONE.


Credits: Dylan Thomas & Kuby4Fun for SYRO
via www.shopsyro.com

SYRO describes itself as “a queer cult in Bushwick (New York) making high heels & disrupting systems” and honestly that says it all. Their designs have no gender, and with a collection ranging from sandals over kitten heels to platform boots, they truly have a design for every system-disrupting heel-loving queer under the sun. A personal favourite: the AMI, a hoof-shoe-combo for everyday wear.

A-Gender by Francesco Russo

Credits: www.francescorusso.fr

If you want to go the more luxury route, French high end label Francesco Russo has you covered with their A-Gender line, which they launched in 2018. Francesco Russo is known for their high quality leather shoes, and last year two of their high heel designs got the upgrade of being available in bigger sizes. Extra bonus for the campaign featuring Oslo Grace, a non-binary beauty.

Source: @amyorsshoes

Amy Ors

Specially moulded to bigger, wider, “male” (gender is a construct) feet, Spain-based crowdfunding project Amy Ors wants to launch three pairs of heels for the showgirls of this earth. With red satin, silver leather and rainbow feathers, these heels are not for the faint of heart. Amy Ors is launching a Kickstarter soon with special discounts for the early birds. They are available for pre-order right now.

By the way: if you’re looking for more of a performer shoe, don’t be afraid to check out brands like Funtasma or Pleaser. The quality often isn’t great, but for a party or a special occasion, they get the job done. (Except for that one boot that came apart when I was wearing it for the first time. Fuck that boot.)


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