Camp, over the top, unexpected, fun. We’re not describing this years Met Gala theme, we’re describing QueenLordJord, an upcoming fashion label by Jordy Vaesen. For this editorial, we took it back to last year’s Met Gala, saints and sinners style. Because honest to God, there’s nothing that defines QueenLordJord better than some dramatic, slightly naked silhouettes in a former religious sanctuary.

Jordy: QueenLordJord is larger than life. That’s why I started fashion in the first place: it’s my escape from reality, from the mundanity that surrounds me. I want QueenLordJord to be edgy, high end, unwearable almost. My ultimate goal is to not only have QueenLordJord as a brand, but for it to be my brand. That’s why I named it QueenLordJord: I want to be the face of my own brand, and what better way than to put my first name in the brand’s name? And since QueenLordJord is so personal to me, I want to be able to choose who wears it and who doesn’t. I want to work with celebrities, artists and personalities that fit the craziness of the world I create.

I known that only doing high end is not really a viable plan for a starting designer. That’s why I recently launched a side line, 21.04, which features more affordable, sellable pieces. The idea is simple: I’m taking vintage pieces and reworking them, upgrading them, giving them the QueenLordJord treatment. This line is till part of the house of QueenLordJord, but I want it to be more accessible. Everyone wants unique pieces in their closet, but not everyone has the money for high end designer pieces. That’s the market I want to target with 21.04. Because honestly, everybody deserves to look cool.

What are your inspirations when you design?

The cliché answer: everything inspires me. But I have noticed a shift in my work lately. In the past, I just went “Oh, I’m gonna make this into something”,  and “Oh that’s cool, I’ll see where it goes!” There wasn’t really consistency there, nothing that connected the dots. I still don’t want to work in collections, but instead, I started working around themes. Right now, the theme is Disco. Don’t ask me why, but that’s where I’m at in life right now, blasting Donna Summer all day long. And for this Spring/Summer, every item I create will be inspired by that disco theme in one way or another.

Is your queerness important when it comes to designing and doing what you do?

Yes. I have always wanted more for myself, I never felt comfortable in society as it is today. I am not satisfied with just ‘pretty’ clothes. I want more. Is that my queerness? I don’t know. I am openly queer, and that inevitably translates into my work. I am my work and my work is me, of course who I am is going to influence what I create.
I want to express freedom, as much as possible. Fashion allows me to be free, to be truly myself, and to celebrate my queerness.

Do you have icons, people you look up to?

I love pop culture. I love ‘the mainstream’, phenomena like the Kardashians fascinate me. People often look down on mainstream celebs, but I think there’s magic in exaggerating that mainstream, in blowing it up. My designs aren’t dark, deconstructed or deep. I want to have fun with fashion, keep it light, make people smile when they see my designs. It sounds naïve and silly, but I truly want to make the world a happier place through what I make. I choose to spread positivity.

How did you first get into touch with fashion?

My first fashion-related memory dates back from when I was a toddler. My mom told me she used to pick my outfits, and one day I was just like “Nope. I’m not wearing this.” From that day on we went shopping together, and I started picking my own clothes. I loved making statements with what I wore.

When I was younger, I used to experiment a lot more in my everyday life with fashion and how I looked. I used to get crazy haircuts, I had a goth phase,… I think I toned it down because I wanted to protect my energy. I don’t think people realize how exhausting it is to live your life out loud (laughs). The stares, the insults, the backlash, the harassment,… In order to protect myself and my mental health, I started wearing less crazy stuff. I still have fun with fashion, but now QueenLordJord is my way of expressing myself, of showing that wild side of me. I need a creative outlet to go all the way, I’d go crazy otherwise. QueenLordJord allows me to live out my fantasies.

I still dream of a world where anyone can wear whatever the f*ck they want without repercussions. Not so secretly, I hope I can help build that world. All I want is to see someone in the supermarket wearing a giant tule dress. God, wouldn’t that be major?

Oh God, wouldn’t it. A-men to that!

QueenLordJord is on IG: @queenlordjord
Follow Jordy’s reworked vintage label: @2104wear

Production & Styling: Joppe De Campeneere
Fashion: QueenLordJord
Make-Up: Gladys Ferro
Hair: Nils D’Joos
Photographer: Elodie Gerard


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