YES, we back bitches! And you already know, when we’re back, we’re back with something good. In this case, ‘something good’ means an editorial, and one that fits in with a yearly tradition we’ve got going on here: my collab with the H&M Design Award winner.
This is the third one I’m covering, after Ximon Lee and Hannah Jinkins. These collabs are my favourite to do, because the Design Award collections are always quite out of the box, which gives me the opportunity to try something new and experiment. In a lot of ways, these collections kinda blur gender lines and expectations of what you would expect to see in a high street store like H&M. Also, I can’t express how important it is to support beginning designers. And guess what? The Design Award is an amazing way to do just that. Actually, this year’s winner just showed his SS18 collection during London Fashion Week, so we’re definitely talking about some influence here.

Sequins and no breathing

On to this year’s winner then! Richard Quinn is a graduate from Central Saint Martin in London, and what he does is very demi-couture. His collection contains a lot of very strong statement pieces, featuring abstract flowers, strong silhouettes (that strapless ball gown, *gasp*), and sequins. There’s a lot to love, mainly because the #lewks are a lot, but you know I like things that are just a litlle extra. *looks at closet full of fake fur and sequins*  Yup. Just a little extra.
The look that I am wearing today is the fully sequined houndstooth ensemble, consisting of a tight top and a matching pair of leggings. I have actually learned something this week: if I am determined enough, I can squeeze my almost two meters long body into a women’s size 36. Okay, breathing gets a little difficult, but who needs air when you’re decked out in sequins from head to toe? The satin cropped jacket on top is one of my favourite pieces from the collection. I just can not get over the 80s power shoulder, makes me feel so strong! I’m totally looking to get that green satin jumpsuit as well, can’t wait to serve y’all eighties feminist business woman.


The collection is available online as from the 5th of October, so be sure to check it out if you want to score some pieces yourself. The pink flower lining of the jacket is what inspired the make-up and the gloves, and after some brainstorming with one of my friends (Dries is lowkey a genius), I decided to shoot this outfit in a flower shop of some sorts. I totally adored the combination of that industrial feel with the fragility of flowers, and I’m quite happy with how these pictures turned out. Next time though, remind me to find a location that does not come with a bunch of people standing around me as I pose. I’ve had better ideas, but hey, everything for fashion, amiright?

pictures by Lisa De Lange
WEARING: Sequined Ensemble and Cropped Jacket: H&M X RICHARD QUINN
The full collection will be available on October 5th via H&M’s online store



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    Nice Images are there in it.MyFirstSaving


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