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I love fashion. It was my first love and it will probably be my last, and it is the very reason I started this blog. I wanted to share my passion and love for fashion with the world, even if it was on a very, very, very small part of the internet. Somewhere along the way I branched out, make-up & gender fluidity crossed my path, and I kinda lost sight of fashion and trends for a while. I still loved it, but I wasn’t as invested in it. About six months ago, I got back into it, with the whole genderbending thing, and right now the fashion fire is bigger than it has ever been.

That’s why, when Zalando contacted me work together, I was extremely excited. If you know me, you know I love online shopping, and with a wide variety of styles and brands that aren’t always easy to find elsewhere, Zalando has been hitting it in the right spots for me. Well, that whole man box debacle left aside, that is. It might suprise you, but I am a man, and I actually don’t like fishing, or sports, and I love shopping. I know, total shocker. It was right before that ad came out, that I actually got the idea for this post: all fashion, no rules.

Trends made accessible

Today, I’m focusing on another page that Zalando offers, one that I adore. For 2017 , Zalando has a page that collects all trends for you, easy and accessible. What I love the most is how everything is just completely mingled: sweaters with caps with dresses with culottes with shoes with… They have a page more aimed towards women and one more aimed towards men, but some pieces actually return in both, and it’s obvious some trends are completely unisex. How about a good bomber jacket, or some wide-legged pants?

What I love the most about all things sartorial right now, is how everything is possible. Yes, there are trends, of course, but key is to do your thang with them, to give them your specific flavour. And honestly, you can do whatever the *bleep* you want. Mix styles, blur lines, experiment. The nineties are back, but so are the eighties, and a little seventies too. Hyperfemininity is in, but so is androgyny.  Extremes unite, and you can really mix and match, as long as you make it your own. It is all about personal style, about discovering what you like, and about expressing who you are.

No rules applied

That’s what I really wanted to show in my outfit: it’s all about doing you, no rules applied. Almost every piece I’m wearing I shopped in the “women’s department”, apart from the shoes. I mixed a wide legged paperbag pants with snakeskin cowboy boots, an oversized cropped jumpers with big sleeves, a modern silver bracelet and some classic pearls, like the ones your grandmother used to wear. When you list all the pieces like that, you wouldn’t think it’d work, and still, it does. Because it’s not about what you can or can not wear together, it’s about attitude.

About wearing what you love, because that shows. And honestly, it is so much more fun to try new things some times, even though there’s a fair chance you’ll look back one day and wonder what the fuck you were doing. If that’s the case, look at it this way: at least you did it, and you did it wholeheartedly. Tbere are no rules, but if there’s one, it’s YOU DO YOU, BOO! Now, get ready for a freaking picture overload, because Maya absolutely hit it out of the park with these ones. Why pick one if you can have them all, right?


Pictures by Maya Bogaert (Archistas

Wearing: Sweater: Topshop Boutique △ Pants: Fashion Union △ Shoes: Jeffery West △ Necklace: J. Crew △ Bracelet: Kenzo (ALL VIA ZALANDO)

Find all trend pieces via WOMENSWEAR TRENDS and MENSWEAR TRENDS


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