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White lines painted on my face, 90s inspired denim and… a lady? Yep, this post certainly is something else!

Basically: Joya (from SEEN BY JOYA) & I collabed to show you the newest addition to the H&M family: Denim United. You might have seen it all over the internet, but if you haven’t let me break things down for you: the Denim United line is a capsule collection consisting of different unisex pieces, all in denim. Yep, you read that right, H&M now has a genderless collection available! Of course, if you know anything about me, you know I love a good genderless piece, and I love it when mainstream giants like H&M reach out and spread the ‘gender is over’ message to a wide audience.

 Cute, casual, but kinda boring

Now, first of all: I like the collection, I do. It really fits (one of my) aesthetic(s) at the moment: oversized nonchalant 90s vibes. Think denim jackets, high waisted jeans, dungarees, hoodies, all that. I’m very into that kinda style at the moment, and I immediately saw myself wearing the pieces from this collection. However, a part of me remained unsatisfied.
Yes, I love the idea of a genderless collection, yes I actually like the pieces, yes I wanted to show them to you because I believe in the message, but still: a lot of the items from the collection are quite oversized, quite casual, quite… been there, done that. Apart from the long tunic, which is the item closest resembling a dress, the pieces don’t really offer a challenge, or something extremely new. They kinda feel like something you could find in the menswear department already, yaknow? To be fair, it is a little more adventurous than other ungendered lines I’ve seen at high street giants, but I hope that in the future, they’ll add some pieces that arent’t baggy, oversized and casual, but maybe cinched, fitted and elegant. You feel me?

White lines, no drugs involved

That being said, let’s talk about the actual outfit we are wearing. When Joya and I got together, we immediately knew that we wanted to go for an identical look, to really show the genderless-ness of the whole thing. We both loved this pinstripe set, and after some brainstorming, we decided to go for it. What I like the most about this matching pair, is its versatility: you can wear the pants or the jacket on its own, you can combine them, and you can actually put the jacket into the pants, to create the illusion of a onepiece. I test-drove that last option to school and I felt very fierce, like a 90s feminist power woman about to slay the patriarchy. MOOD ALWAYS. To go with the white stripes on our ensembles, we went for white graphic lines across our faces, combined with fresh, androgynous, glowy skin. Billie Gielen, Joya’s partner in crime and her usual photographer was the one behind the camera, and she really brought our vision to life. It was the first time working together, but us three together really made a dream team. Working with creative, passionate, inspiring people is always great, and I feel like that shows. What do you guys think?


Photographer: Billie Gielen


Wearing: Pinstripe sets: H&M Denim United 
Thank you for reading! 


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