Hello everybody! Exciting times, as this will be the first legit full face beauty post on here! It’s not yet a tutorial, like some of you guys have been asking (I still don’t think my make-up skills are at tutorial level yet), but I thought it might be cool every once in a while to play around with some new/exciting/beloved products, and show you guys the end result! I’ll give you some background info, let you in on the inspiration behind the look, and of course I’ll mention all the products I used to achieve the face!
First of all: to me, make-up is still a way to express myself, and the looks you’ll see on here will more often than not be quite edqy. Some people would classify them as not wearable, but if I know one thing, it’s this: everything is wearable if you got the balls for it! I’m just experimenting, and, like I said, expressing myself, all for good fun. That being said, I would love to hear what you guys would like to see me do, or what lewks you think I should serve. I’m open to suggestions, so slide into my DM’s and let a girl know!

Editorial realness

Now, for today’s look, I wanted to do something very editorial and different. I knew I wanted to play with a different colour highlight, and I knew I wanted to do a darker lip, but the possibilities were still plenty. I had some NYX Macaron Lippies lying around, and I decided I wanted to give the black one a spin. To give it a little more dimension, I used a blue-green pigment on top, to give it that metallic sheen that is so popular right now. In the end, it kinda makes me think of KyMajesty, the black metallic lip colour from Kylie Cosmetics, and I’m not mad about it!
When thinking about a dark, black lip, I immediately linked that to one of my favourite runway looks for FW16: the bleached-out yet vampy (almost literally, vampire-y) face of the models that walked for Marc Jacobs’s new collection. That’s where my inspiration for the faux-bleach brows and nude eyes came from. I love the contrast between the saturated lip and the understated eyes and brows, I think they work perfect together!

Glowing from outer space

Now on to the glow: those who know me or have been following me for a while, know that I am ALL about that highlight. The glowier, the better, and I’m only satisfied when I blind about three people on my way to work. Next to the typical golden glow, there have been released lots of more colourful highlights recently. It all started with the rainbow highlight craze, and Anastasia Beverly Hills is kinda killing it with their newest Glow Kits (Moonlight and Sweets), that offer blue, purple, green and orange tones of highlight. For this look, I used my trusty (and discontinued, CRY) Essence Sooo Glow, with the NYX Prismatic eyeshadow in the shade Frostbite on top. Frostbite gave it that gorgeous pastel blue sheen, a perfect combo with the blueish pigment I used on the lips. I love the look of LOTS of highlight on a nude face, makes it extra fresh and fruity!

About these pictures: GURL, shooting on your own with the camera on timer and autofocus off is A STRUGGLE. I had to ask my bro to sit on the EXACT spot where I would sit, to get the focus right, and I had to take about 150 shots to get it right, but to be fair: I absolutely LOVE how these pics turned out. Like seriously, I am actually very proud of myself for this one. I don’t say it that often, but I’ll say it now: I look good in these pics, and I am very pleased with the result of this little shoot. Thumbs up for self love and appreciation!

What’s on my face: 
– Essence Sooo Glow Highlighter (discontinued)
What’s on my lips: 
– Blue pigment (via an etsy shop that has closed down)


What do you think of these kind of posts? Do you like ’em?


Thank you for reading! 



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