HELLO EVERYONE! Do you remember me? Yes, I am alive! I guess a little word of explanation on my sudden disappearance would be appropriate, no? Well, basically, I lived in a bubble of text books, procastionation and lots of coffee for the whole of January thanks to my exams, and after that, I needed a week to relax and get back in the mojo of things. To kick off the new year (yes, my year officially starts in February, when my exams are done), I really wanted to upgrade my little spot on the internet. I brainstormed with my graphic designer and personal hero Margot to find a new lay-out, I did some research to find the perfect domain name, et voilà! The new, upgraded version of Start to Fashion was born. You can now find me on, and I really hope that you like the new, fresh and fruity version of my blog!
Of course, after being away for so long, I wanted to come back with a bang, so I teamed up with one of the best photographers I know, Maya Bogaert from Archistas, to shoot some exciting looks. I really wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and push myself to try new things. All exciting things in life lay outside your comfort zone, remember?
Back in November, when I went to the Press Days, I spotted the awesome collection of Issey Miyake, a Japanese designer you might or might not know. What I liked about the clothes is that they are quite genderless, and elements from the ‘womenswear’ line returned in the ‘menswear’ line and vice versa. If you have been following my blog for a while, you might know that I’m all about thinking outside the box and screwing over gender stereotypes, so Issey Miyake seemed the perfect brand to channel my creativity and challenge my styling skills.
I selected several items from their collections, and I created two looks with them. Today, it’s time for look one! Now, to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure about this outfit. Yes, I chose a dress to style and yes, I knew that it was going to be hard to translate a piece like that in my own style, but I bit through the bullet and I eventually made it work. When I look back at it, I must say I am really proud of myself, and I am not scared to admit that I think I rocked this outfit on the pictures. This has been a really rewarding experience for me, and a lesson that shows that fashion has no rules, and most importantly, that we have no limits or boundaries but the ones we create ourselves.
Now, you don’t have to love or even like this outfit, but I hope that it makes you wonder. I hope it makes you think about the sometimes stupid rules we make ourselves live up to. Just like make-up, clothes have no gender of their own, and I think the fashion industry is finally starting to notice that. Lots of designers start mixing ‘female’ and ‘male’ elements in their collections, and editorials and campaigns are breaking barriers in the fashion scene (Hello Jaden Smith for Vuitton!). More and more people start to realise it’s silly to restrict ourselves, and I’m not here to preach, but: IF YOU LIKE IT, WEAR IT! It’s all about self expression and about doing you.



All pictures by Maya Bogaert ♡Outfit: Full Issey Miyake Look △ Shoes: Nike ID
So, what do you think about this outfit? And about the new lay-out? I want to give a huge shoutout to Maya, who hustled all day with me to shoot no less than three looks, Maya, you’re a photography wizard! Check out her amazing portfolio on her site: 
 Thanks to Jill and Issey Miyake for the clothes, and thank YOU for reading! See you soon! 



  • AnneleenMeurs
    February 14, 2016

    You rock!

  • Lieven Awouters
    February 15, 2016

    You are beautifiul, special and important. (the help) I love you no matter what, I like you no matter what. And if taking bold choices makes you feel special, then all I can do is support you. It's your life, not mine. So I'm just gonna say it: this picture is amazing. Just breathtaking. Your boyfriend

  • StrongImagination
    February 15, 2016

    Whew! Da's hier editorial kwaliteit! Echt keimooie combi van het rode kleed, donkergroene shirt en het grijsgroene van de palen 😀


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